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Attack on Titan Trailer Shows The Asylum’s Latest Deceptively Titled Movie

Film distributor The Asylum is back at it yet again, this time with a sci-fi film that isn’t entirely a mockbuster of another film but does sport the same name as a hit anime series.

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Their latest film, titled Attack on Titan, doesn’t feature any gigantic creatures or ziplining acrobats but does focus on a group of space travelers who are fighting against an alien threat that poses a massive threat to the galaxy.

Check out the trailer for Attack on Titan below:

For those familiar with The Asylum, this should come as no surprise, as the distributor often releases films to go along with other major blockbusters and franchises. Previous films from The Asylum include the Sharknado series, the Syfy original series Z Nation, and more, including a recent Thor: Love and Thunder-timed film.

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Attack on Titan will release on September 30, 2022, on digital storefronts and on-demand.

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