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October 3, 2022 Hints & Answer

October 3rd’s Wordle answer is relatively easy to solve if players use strategic starting words. However, there are still many possible answers.

October 3rd’s Wordle answer is not particularly hard to solve due to the common nature of the word and the placement of the only vowel. However, there is a good chance that due to the number of possible answers, players might exhaust all of their attempts before figuring out the correct answer for today’s puzzle. However, if players use their usual strategic words, they might be able to solve the answer in less than six attempts. Needless to say, if players still find it challenging to figure out the solution, they will fare better by using contextual hints that will paint a more accurate picture of the answer.


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Although the answer for today’s puzzle can be solved without using Wordle‘s hard mode, it is still a great way to learn the mechanics of future puzzles. The more challenging mode is perfect for solving Wordle puzzles that feature double or repeating letters. Since the game does not offer any additional hints apart from the green/yellow boxes, it is essential to use this mode at some point. The harder mode does not let players use confirmed letters in different spots, which comes in handy for solving complex words and developing new strategies. However, players who are pressed for time and want to solve today’s puzzle faster can use the hints below.

Today’s Wordle Hints (October 3rd #471)

Using hints for solving Wordle puzzles works similarly to using clues while solving a crossword puzzle. For example, the below hints below might help players guess October 3rd’s answer without sacrificing their streaks. Clues that elaborate more about the answer or define the solutions tend to be enough for players to guess a Wordle solution in less than six attempts.

  • Hint 1: a carefully planned operation
  • Hint 2: to prick painfully
  • Hint 3: ____ operation (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (October 3rd #471)

The October 3rd Wordle answer is STING.

To solve October 3rd’s Wordle answer, players should first try to figure out the position of the vowel in the middle. From there, words like ‘STILL’ and ‘STINT’ will let players solve today’s answer, enabling players to figure out the correct position of four letters from today’s Wordle answer. In fact, it was ‘STING” that let us identify the confirmed spots for four letters from today’s Wordle answer, from which we could figure out the answer STING in our fourth attempt.

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