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Where To Find (& Catch) Ringtail Slimes

To catch Ringtail Slimes in Slime Rancher 2, players must wait until the sun goes down, after which these critters will revert from their statue form.

One of the more elusive species of Slimes on Rainbow Island is the Ringtail Slime, a new creature introduced in the indie adventure sim Slime Rancher 2 and likely inspired by the fabled Japanese raccoon dog Tanuki. The Ringtail Slime is characterized by a brown-colored body, small feline ears, and a puffy, squirrel-like tail with stripes. Those familiar with the Tanooki Suit from the Super Mario series or Tom Nook from Animal Crossing will see the obvious similarities to this new Slime in Slime Rancher 2.


Likewise, the Tanuki-esque Ringtail Slimes in Slime Rancher 2 possess a power like its inspiration — the ability to transform into stone. More specifically, these Slimes are capable of turning into stone statues during the day. Similar to Phosphor Slimes, Ringtail Slimes are only active after nightfall and will automatically revert to their figurine form upon sunrise. While Ringtail Slimes are not hostile, they are anything but well-behaved.

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Similar to their “real-world” Tanuki counterparts, Slime Rancher 2‘s Ringtail Slimes are aggressively greedy, going out of their way to eat everything in sight. Like Pink Slimes, this species is omnivorous and will eat anything from Hen Hens and Cuberries to Water Lettuce and Nectar. Not only are they known for their ravenous behavior, but these mischievous Ringtail Slimes are notably naughty than their nocturnal Phosphor neighbors. In the blink of an eye, they can clear entire Farms without offering proper Plort compensation in return. Therefore, if Slime Rancher 2 players plan on bringing these playful and ceaselessly hungry Ringtail Slimes back to their Conservatory, they should ensure their Corrals are well-upgraded.

Finding Ringtail Slimes In Slime Rancher 2

Despite their deviant demeanor, Ringtail Slimes’ Plorts are valuable for selling and crafting in Slime Rancher 2. Therefore, to find these critters on Rainbow Island, players must travel to a biome known as Ember Valley. To reach this location, head to the northeastern corner of the westernmost peninsula of the Rainbow Fields. Here, adventurers will encounter a Pink Gordo covering a geyser leading to a device that unlocks the portal to Ember Valley.

If entering Ember Valley during the day, search for small squirrel-shaped statues scattered about the land. Unlike Angler or Rock Slimes, Ringtail Slimes are quite a rare spawn in Slime Rancher 2. Players can also find a Ringtail Gordo on the eastern side of Starlight Strand, a biome south of the Rainbow Fields, which is accessible via the Cotton Gordo southwest of the Conservatory.

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    Beatrix LeBeau returns in Slime Rancher 2 as she crosses the Slime Sea to explore the mysterious Rainbow Island full of things to discover and Slimes to catch. Following up on the successful sequel, Slime Rancher 2 once again puts players on a mysterious new island where they’ll gather new slimes and build up their new ranch inside of a glass conservatory found on Rainbow Island. However, Beatrix will discover the islands secrets and the technology on the island may not be all well-intentioned as she may have hoped. Slime Rancher 2, while in early access, is expecting to have consistent updates all of which will be free for the development cycle of the team. Slime Rancher 2 released on Xbox consoles and PC on September 22 2022.

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