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Tories Have Lost The Plot Even Discussing Climate ‘Reparations’ At COP27


We doubt there’s a policy crazier or more likely to lose an election than making skint voters pay billions in climate change ­“reparations”

We expect such lunacy from the Left, Ed Miliband in particular.

Indeed he has plenty more. But the Tories have lost the plot even by discussing it at COP27. [bold, links added]

The theory goes that Britain triggered the global industrial revolution 200 years ago and should bail out nations worst hit by the warming effect since.

Let’s leave aside that Pakistan, now badly flooded, can afford nukes.

Or that Britain has now slashed its CO2 emissions faster than other major economies. If every country must now settle up over its past, where do we start?

Shouldn’t we get a trillion-pound thank-you from every other country for lifting billions out of pre-industrial peasantry?

Or a bung every time someone is saved by vaccination, transported by train, entertained by TV, or informed by the web — all invented by Brits?

Answer: No. It would be as absurd as climate reparations.

Boris Johnson, at least, gets that. But it’s not just that we can’t afford it. It’s because billing nations for deeds centuries ago is ludicrous.

We have a far stronger case for claiming £407 billion in damages from China over Covid. That was only in 2019.

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