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Russian Temperature Records Are Not Cooperating With The CO2-Driven Climate Narrative

Two new studies indicate there has been no modern warming in the last centuries in western (Urals) and eastern (Kolyma) Russian mountain ranges.

A new 27,000-year temperature reconstruction assesses it was ~2.5 to 4.8°C warmer than today from 8.9-5.2 ka BP in the Ural Mountains, or when CO2 is said to have hovered in the 265 ppm range.

Summer temperatures were also warmer during the Medieval Warm Period, or from 1.2-0.7 ka BP. After a post-Medieval cool-down fostering in the Little Ice Age, the reconstructed record suggests there has been no warming since 0.5 cal ka BP, or for the last several centuries.

The smoothed temperature record shown in the study indicates there was only one brief period in the last 10,000 years that was not warmer than today.

“The reconstructed TJuly [8.9-5.2 cal ka BP] are the highest recorded, reaching up to 4.8 °C higher than today’s air temperature. … Present day TJuly have persisted since 0.5 cal ka BP.”

Image Source: Lenz et al., 2022

Another new temperature record from a northeastern Siberian mountain range, the Kolyma Lowlands, reports the winter and/or January temperatures from two weather stations reveal no obvious trends in the last 80 years, or during the period when CO2 has risen by about 100 ppm.

Image Source: Vasil’chuk and Budantseva, 2022

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