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Global Warming

Top 3 Carbon Emitters

Central to the COP27 discussions in Egypt is a question: Who is responsible for climate change? The issue is complicated, but a few pieces of data about current and past emissions can begin to answer it.

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Blocking the Sun

Climate experts and activists have directed intense criticism at COP27 for being sponsored by the likes of Coca-Cola, the world’s leading plastic polluter.

On Oct. 13, the White House announced that it was funding a five-year-research plan into one of the most controversial proposals for fighting climate change out there: geoengineering, or the technologies and innovations that can be used to artificially modify the Earth’s climate including schemes to artificially block the Sun.

Climate experts have repeatedly warned against tampering with the Earth’s natural order to achieve short term, opportunistic climate goals. Such tampering is a sure road to extinction of all life on the planet.

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